Housing and communal services refuse to fulfill their duties

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Housing and communal services refuse to fulfill their duties

Сообщение CruzGibbs1975 » 21 май 2018, 15:49

Since December 7, 2017 along the street South in the village of Urshelsky Gus-Khrustalny district, a breakthrough of the water pipe. An application was filed for the elimination of the problem in the municipal community. Only on December 21 did the brigade for the elimination of the breakthrough leave. (All this time the housing and communal services were justified by the lack of equipment). An hour and a half after repair, three meters from the previous one, two new breakthroughs were formed. A new application has been submitted. The same brigade left already in the evening and fenced the dangerous site with tape and sealed the entrance to the school grounds. (The school grounds and the dangerous site are divided by the school fence) In the morning, in this dark street, a stream of children goes to school and back. The whole street turned into a huge pool. After the appeal to the head of the housing and communal services and the leadership of the village, the answer was received that the work to eliminate the breakthrough will begin only after the Christmas holidays.
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